5 –  minutes


Hey Mary, and the Yoga One team, my name is Richard Hylton, and I have a company that specializes in using social media to find businesses like yours, more customers.

I created this short-video to show you how I think I can help you guys make a bunch of money.

… And not just with your Yoga services,

But also with the massage, or acupuncture, or anything else you offer.


Here’s a tool we use in Facebook to show find to exactly who we want.

So, if someone lives near your studio, or within these zip codes near your studio, or if they have a certain income

or… if they like Yoga

OR… if they LIKE one of your competitors on Facebook

We can specifically reach out to them.


Now after we find the people that are most likely to purchase your services, we show them an advertisement like this:

We found this awesome image with your logo branding

One month of unlimited yoga, just to restate the special

We saw this was an offer you were already running, and pulled it off your website.

Now, I’ve tested offers like this in several markets and had a ton of success.

These ads are so successful because the only people that see this ad are the people who we have selected.

Once they click your ad, we take them to this page here:

This is called a video background landing page, and we designed it using one of the videos that you actually had on your website and on Youtube.

It looks different from the landing pages you typically see.

I think it represents your brand and kind of the experience they’re going to get once they come in.

And then here, the text is pretty simple:

Once they click “Yes, Please!”…

… we collect their information,

and that’s when the lead comes to you.

Now, after most business owners get a new customer, they simply send them to a page that says Thank You and that’s it…

BUT, in reality, the Thank You page is a perfect opportunity for us to do two things:

1. create urgency, and 2. offer additional services

In this example we say:

Bonus Offer 1 we’re giving them a reason to call now,

which is saving you time.

You wont have to chase the leads, they will simply come to you and your phone will ring.

Bonus Offer 2

Now we noticed on your website that you offer additional services, so by simply presenting thatto your customers here, you’ll be surprised how many actually take action on both offers.

And for the people that don’t take action on either offer, meaning they came to this beautifully designed landing page but they didn’t actually give their contact information, we’re going to continue to re-target.

Meaning those ads that follow you around wherever you go, yes we create those too.

And we’d show them something like this:

And they have the phone number there.

They will see this ad all the time when they go on their phones,

so, your business will stay on top of their mind and it’s very effective.

And when I say it’s effective I mean, your phone will ring.

And lastly, we designed a series of emails that will engage them, and bring them through the door.


Mary, In the past, I’ve seen campaigns like this generate 100 leads, in 24 hours.

If you’d like me to run this campaign I created for you, I’d be more than happy to do it. And I’d be more than happy to do it for free.

I don’t believe in asking for business, I believe in earning it.

So, with your permission I’d like to turn this campaign on for a day, and if you like the results you get then we can discuss working together in the future.

My name is Richard Hylton, Social Marketing expert and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.